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British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA)
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Zoya Dance students are entered for grade examinations and medal test performance awards with the British Theatre Dance Association


Students are entered for examinations in Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz.  However examinations in auxillary subjects such as Lyrical, National, Greek, and Acrobatics are also offered.

The following grades are available:

Pre-Preparatory (tap only)

Preparatory, Primary

Introduction to grade 1 (ballet only),

Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8,

Intermediate, Advanced foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2.


Medal Tests

Medal tests are offered to students at the following levels

Bronze medal, silver medal, gold medal

Bronze star, silver star, gold star

1st shield, 2nd shield, 3rd shield

1st statuette, 2nd statuette, 3rd statuette,

1st cup, 2nd cup, 3rd cup

These are performed in front of the examiner and an audience in full costume and make-up.

Students are awarded a mark of either pass, commended, highly commended, honours or distinction.

Rose Awards

Rose awards are taken by students who are under 10 and are offered at silver or gold level..  The teacher stays with the students in the exam room, offering younger students a stress-free introduction to the examination programme. Students wear examination attire for these exams, and are awarded a trophy and a certificate.

Crystal Award

Crystal Awards are a follow on to the rose awards and are sat by students age 10+.  Students are awarded both a certificate and a crystal trophy.   Students wear examination attire.